Patient Recruitment and Site Selection


America remains one of the fastest growing regions for biotech-sponsored trials and there is a growing interest from US biotechs to expand their clinical development here. While there are many benefits in running clinical trials in America, sponsors can often face fragmented markets and heterogeneous regulatory pathways. This increases the need to partner with a regional CRO specialist who understands the regulatory nuances of each country to match with client-specific trial requirements.

Ladiom relies on years of experience, in-country knowledge and real-life big data to identify and propose the best-performing sites and investigators for your study. Our experience span across numerous therapeutic areas and indications especially:

  • Oncology CRO services, and Immuno-Oncology CRO services
  • Infectious diseases and Vaccines CRO services
  • Orphan and Rare diseases CRO services

America is a preferred location for clinical studies because of lower trial density, large pools of patients, high number of active investigators, with efficient regulatory pathways.

Ladiom has partnered with some of the leading medical institutions in the region. The Partnership Program is strategically designed to bring unparalleled access to quality investigators, key opinion leaders, and up to 4 billion patients for its international biotech clients.