Unified Business Solutions

Unified Business Solutions

Business Central is a business management solution for growing organizations to manage, automate and streamline business processes. Business Central enables companies to manage finance, manufacturing, sales, shipping, project management, services, and more. 

LS Central is a complete all-in-one retail software that extends Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Microsoft’s #1 ERP solution globally.

LS Central brings together in one single platform financials (the Microsoft ERP), Point of Sale (POS), store operations, supply chain management, inventory, eCommerce, and customer loyalty.

You can use just one software – we call it unified commerce software – that does everything you need. 

The solution manages all businesses and retails. It allows productivity tracking in real-time. 

Unified Business Solutions

Stop wasting time with multiple software solutions.

Points-of-Sale (POS), inventory, merchandising, CRM, e-commerce, and headquarters back-office functions are covered.

A fully integrated retail management solution with LS Central eliminates the need for disparate stand-alone systems. It unifies all your channels into one centralized database.

All information is in one central location, allowing you to track sales, stocks, and productivity in real-time across various locations and your head office.