What We Do

         Digital Transformation

Integrate digital intelligence into all areas of your operations, deliver value to customers with less effort. Operate Intelligently to be competitive.

It’s about people process data with technology.

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                        Managed IT Services

IT is what keeps you going. We all need peace of mind knowing that we are covered if something goes wrong.

We give you  professional support. 

No downtime.

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Customer Relationship Management

Customers are why you are in business. Find the right one, manage the relationship. 

Happily thereafter is not a fairy tale. It is a choice. Let’s help.

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Enterprise Resource Planning

Centralize all your business operations with one affordable Business Central solution. Avoid silos and have one source of truth. Your accounting, finance, supply chain ….

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         Integrated/Unified Commerce

From Point of Sale (POS) to e-commerce, from CRM to inventory management, LS Retail solution unifies your commerce to make your business grow.

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                        Project Management

Plan, Track, Estimate, Cost Forecast, Assign, manage, and deliver project-based services, from the initial sale to invoicing with Project Service Automation.

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      Portal/Web Development

Have a single point of entry for both internal and external users. Allow all users to securely interact with your secured data stored in Microsoft Dataverse.

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         Data Analytics/Integration

Have a deeper understanding of business data with strong data analytics and visualizations with Excel or Power BI.

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  Digital Intelligence Empowerment

DIE is an augmentation of mankind’s intelligence with machine power through the use of data with Power Platform.

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